kannibaiisch asked:

Your art style is absolutely adorable, do you do sketch lines first or is it straight up first line is the only lines you do?

mich-tripp answered:

Hey! Thank you and thanks for the question! :D — I’ll give ya the down low on my process - not that its anything special but It has progressed quite a bit since I first started my little comic blips! 

I always start out with a rough sketch - Typically I’ve been using leftover blue colerase pencils from school. I’ll sketch something out to make sure I get a decent layout and enough space for text. 

Once that’s done I’ll clean up with some black ink pens then I’ll erase all my messy lines and add some shading with marker. I’ve never been good at the final render or “Completing” a drawing but I do find that a little marker polish helps things look pretty.

Until recently I was taking photo’s of my sketchbook then editing the images with Photoshop - But I just bought a scanner. So, now I’m going to scan and do any little touch ups - Still pretty clunky at touch ups but its getting a little easier.

and that’s pretty much it! :D

Process! Also here’s a scribble to show how messy my sketches get